It’s a journey abstract art

It’s a journey abstract art

It’s a Journey

Original abstract painting by Nicholas Girling.

Approximate measurement of 1200mm x 700mm tall x 40mm depth.

It’s a journey is almost a connecting painting between all of my different painting series. It is the first I have done based on this colour palette. With the navy and softer palette of colours, this painting offers a style where you can relax and meditate around the painting. There is a lovely balance and confidence. With some of the colours being translucent and complimentary, the painting draws you in, in various entry points. A conversation started and a peacefulness to brighten your day.

You are welcome to optionally deal direct with the framers listed below where the artwork is currently on display.

Enquiries about this painting can be made directly to
The Frame Spot in Malvern Melbourne.
130 Burke Road, East Malvern VIC 3145
Phone (03) 9885 0017