Abstract art is a great thing to buy. A. Because it supports an artist and B. Because it creates a talking point and C. Because it has a positive impression on the individual. Art is many things. Something to invest in, something to decorate, something to inspire, challenge and confront. It cannot be everything to all people and there are many who prefer artworks which reflect something more figurative or reflective. I actually like both abstract art and figurative art. I enjoy figurative art which is more expressive in terms of freedom. Painting in a very photographic way is a great way to present a skill or a talent but to me, even though I can paint with photo realistic detail, I’d prefer to just take the photo or use photoshop to manipulate a photo. So that leaves me with being more expressive with my colours, shapes and subject matter.

A photographer can be expressive and a photo realistic painter can also be expressive too. I also have a love of composition, texture, light and shade. The subject matter, the thought and the patience is a form of expression. The act of showing the creative works to the public is also part of this expression.

While abstract expressionist artworks of the past were arguably more of a pioneering form of art, in contemporary times it has evolved a little. I say a little because creative people are still expressive and we remain explorers. We are just not the pioneers of the form of art. But this does not mean that we are followers either. Abstract art to me is painting while meditating – I find it difficult to paint in too much of a premeditative way. Often I have no idea what I am about to paint or what it will look like when I have finished. For me it is very much tapping into an expressive form of communication. But who am I communicating too. Perhaps it is you. It is always me. A self dialogue. It’s freedom and it is often for the artist. It still means that we would like it hanging in your home or office.

There are some abstract artists who are expressive but are more premeditated about things. The thing about abstract art is that there are no written rules. This is why it appeals to me as I paint for freedom. Painting only using on-trend colours is a method many artists use to tap into their tribe of early adopters of art. Of course if people are more familiar with and are enjoying on-trend colours, then the majority of buyers will be more likely to purchase art. There are other artist who stick with their own preferred colour palette or tonal palette. Remember – there are no written rules, so I chose to be meditative and my paintings often reflect my mood. I often paint with tone rather than colour. This means I select the tonal range i want to paint in rather than selecting a specific colour.

The river series of paintings often have a point where I begin to feel that the artwork is becoming too predictable – so I often will attack the painting with paint in a very vigorous manner at a certain stage during the creation. This often produces some very unexpected results and is arguably a premeditative function. The results I could not create if I painted slowly or in a premeditated way. It is interesting that as an analytical person, deep down I suspect that considering what I am about to do is probably all i do. But the act of being vigorous with paint during the creation is perhaps as close to freeing myself from pre-organised results.


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