Abstract art can be ordered as either original paintings or alternatively as abstract art prints. When it comes to organising prints of my original paintings, I will make the prints available in at least two sizes. My preference is to show my artworks at larger sizes, so the prints are usually about 1.2 metres wide and the other size is 70cm in width. But sometimes there are custom requests for sizing.

The series of abstract or semi abstract artworks I have created which has been popular as fine art  prints is the River Series. Rather than selling these art prints on a separate website. My lovely wife and I run a print based business called Printspace®. We are the two artists who’s work is featured on Printspace® online shop. I have a collection of limited edition River Prints listed there which are not seen on this web site.

I have personally digitised and colour corrected the paintings at very high resolution. The prints are made onto a thick premium cotton-rag paper using pigment based inks. The detail is so sharp that it is often difficult to tell it from the original painting.

My limited edition prints are limited to normally 100 units in the usual two sizes. If a larger print is requested or if a print onto canvas is ever requested – I normally discuss with the customer if they would prefer an original painting. Often painting an original is a great option.

If you would like to learn more about the collection of the River Series of paintings, fee free to take a look at Printspace®. This link will take you directly to the page where you can view the current fine art prints available. From there you can learn about Nicholas Girling prints and buy an abstract art print.

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