Working in large formats  – exploring one brush stroke to influence the next.

SOLD: Part of the angular series of paintings 2016

SOLD: Part of The View Set

The River Series continue based on art commission requests

A series of 25-30 paintings exploring rushing river water and semi abstraction.  Available as commissioned original paintings and highly detailed fine art prints.

AVAILABLE AS PRINT: Little River Blue. While the original painting of this has been sold, the artwork is available as a limited edition fine art print. Sizes: 70cm x 70cm or 110 x 110cm

SOLD: Title: Scape View: Part of The View Set. A series of approximately 15 paintings exploring intuitive painting.

New York 2. Signing a limited edition print. An ongoing collection.

See the full range of city prints in my dedicated instagram feed called nicholasgirling_prints.

All fine art prints are on 310gsm cotton rag paper using pigment based inks for colour vibrancy and long life.